Web Coder


Originally published at: https://oxidforge.org/en/job/the-trustee-for-nhws-trust-temporary-web-coder

I am looking for a skilled, OXID knowledgeable, coder who can assist me convert the excellent base program of OXID CE (latest version) to work with Australian commerce and taxation laws in mind. As the Director of this project, I would be able to instruct the coder what to do or show to create the changes but confess to little coding knowledge. I would show you what I need and then you would make the changes to do it. Simple example: In Europe most currencies are presented to the consumer as say, 100.00 € or similar. The correct way is not simply changing the € to $ because the value would read 100.00 $ which is incorrect. Correctly it should show as $100.00 There are different taxation requirements as well. Sales under $1,000.00 can be displayed in a certain fashion but any say for items over $1,000 must show the tax in a very specific way. I can guide the coder through this. Language changes I can do and have previously done so for the community with Marco. The newest version of CE will need some language updates. I am also interested in using eWay with OXID. Their API would need to be interfaced with the ecommerce program. The same would be necessary with the delivery company API’s and the Accounting software company, Xero. There may already be modules that just need to be plugged in like PayPal which is…