Website migration



I want to migrate our website ( Oxid eshop) from one website to another. I have copied the database and all files to the new sever. But when I connect the url , its showing “Shop Offline”.

The connection details in config file is correct.

Please help to solve this issue.



take a look in the oxid logfile under /logs


Thanks for the reply.

Sorry . Couldn’t find any error.


did you empty the tmp? otherwise false references can be included in the remaining files.


if the views a broken you can add

$this->blSkipViewUsage = true;

to the config.ini.php login and regenerate views in the backend


Please let us know about the solution @reshmiarm. If none of the proposals above, rm -R * in tmp/ or blSkipViewUsage = true work, some of your data in might not be correct.