What sort of limitations does the CE version have compared to the paid versions?


I was searching for free open shopping cart systems when I discovered EShop CE.
Why is the CE version free when the others have set prices, what are it’s limitations?

It’s just that I want to work on something for free but when I get stuck in, will
I find limitations that I’d have to purchase the other version to get the job done?

I was planning on setting up a site to offer products via drop shipping companies.
For example china vasion, and the customer reviews feature is something i’d like.
I don;t see any demos on the site other than a few images in a slider, I visited one or two sites.

Thanks in advance

CE and PE are technically the same - EE has some additional Enterprise features like caching, rights & roles, subshops and so on.

Basic difference between CE and PE is the mandatory support contract for PE. On the other hand there is no support at all for CE - except of this community forum here.
You will not have any limitations if you use the CE version. But you might want to buy some modules to enhance functionality or get some extra features.
Here you’ll find the official demo shop for PE

And for CE here

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Cool thank you