Where can I find SQL queries?

I have installed Oxid eshop 4.6.2.
And I need to know where can I find SQL query for selecting price and quantity of product.
I have imported categories and product and I want to selectiong prices and quantity from another database. It’s database of my ERP system.
Can anybody help me? Or show me some kind of direction?

im not sure if that can work, cause all informations comes from sql views generated by oxid.
You could try to manipulate the views (e.g. the view for oxarticles (table with article informations) is oxv_oxarticles) to select the prices from other table or database

Ok, thanks. I’ll try it.
But now I try to find that oxv_oxarticles view but no results. Can you help me?

its inside the mysql database where you have installed oxis.
Best way is to use software like PhpMyAdmin to view and manage your database.

If there is still no oxv_oxarticles, try to login in the shop backend and click service -> tools -> update views


did i understand this right? you want that all Prices comes directly from your ERP system, not just a import to oxid?
Thats generate a huge amount of traffic between the server and make the shop slow(very).
And what happends if ERP system ist off, or just some connection Problem for a few seconds? They are no Prices, everything for less?
I Think this will make a lot of problems…

Ou thanks for your comments, You are probably right. Maybe il rather try to imort this things to eshop DB. Price could be alright if I’ll import it every night, but I don’t know how often I should import quantity. I’ll try to consult it with sales director. Thanks for your help.

2vanilla thunder: I will not try to edit that view, when I don’t understand it well to that views problem. But thanks for your opinion and help.


i dont know your ERP system, but anyway here a food for thought for you.
Mostly data in the DB are flagt by something like a timestamp for last change on the data.
So if you just transmit the changed one, you can run your import script to OXID every minute.
In that case you have a delay of less a minute, and thats ok in my opinion.

You find find any answers in google or else there are many forums like oxid which provides you the queries.