403 Forbidden nginx/1.13.8

When I’m trying to install OXID 4.10 locally I am getting following error:
403 Forbidden

I tried with disabling the firewall but without success.
Also, my previous local installation not working too.
Any help?

That is most certainly not an OXID problem, but a misconfiguration of your webserver or virtual host. Put a simple html or php-file into the document root and see if you can access that. Once that works, install OXID.

I forgot to mention that I can display content of simple php files properly using localhost…and am receiving this error only for OXID.
Also, when I am trying to open manually: localhost/oxideshop_ce/source/offline.html then I am able to see Maintenance mode.

It appears somewhere in your OXID there is a link to a page that is not accessible (no permissions).
You can use network analysis in Firefox to find out which page that is.