6vC NA-Shop Support

This thread is to help support use of the 6vC NA-Shop module.

As of this post, the latest version is available in GitHub under OXIDprojects:

Before asking any quetions, please take a peek at the README (also available at the above link).

Now here’s a quick summary of what the module does:
[li]Adds tax rates by region
[/li][li]Supports multiple tax values
[/li][li]Can change position of dollar sign
[/li][li]Changes address format to comply with North American standards
[/li][li]Option to calculate all taxes only at final checkout

Enjoy the free code, but don’t forget to credit the original developer :slight_smile:

Latest version (1.1.0) now updated for OXID CE 4.5.11.

Plans for next version:

  • Update to 4.6.x
  • Make dollar sign placement dependent upon currency type (as opposed to being fixed)
  • Make address format dependent upon user country
  • Remove all (old) references to 6vC-PayPal-Basic module