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Hi All,

I need to add a new page that opens on the new tab. In this page I need to display only particular products and the rest need to show on other pages. The header, footer and all other functionalities are same. Since I am new to smarty, php and oxid I really don’t know how to call this page directly. Here I know that I cannot this page as Anyone please help me.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve the same question. If you find any solution of it please let me know too.

2nd your given link is not working.


took me literally 15 seconds to find a tutorial on google:

Another source for information, tutorials and links to documentation:

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Thanks for helping brother, but I think you haven’t seen the Udemy course that’s why you refer us. I’ve already seen that and I didn’t find anywhere that how can I make my own page.

Thanks for the reply brother.


Are you just new to OXID or to web development in general?

In “System architecture 1” you learn, that OXID utilizes MVC pattern and how php classes are loaded e.g. when a particular URL is requested.
At this point you should be aware of needing a custom controller for your custom page.

The only question left is: “how to add custom controllers to OXID?”
This question is answered in “Module concept 1”.
There are even examples of custom controllers from other modules.

If you are working with old OXID v4, you can skip all the composer related stuff.

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