Admin Password Reset?

Hello. I installed the latest version 4.7.6 of Oxid eShop. I restored my DB from v.4.6.5. Before the restore, I was able to login as admin. After DB import, I cannot login as admin. There is no password reset feature on the admin login page. Frontend is offline.

I changed password w/MD5 in oxuser via PHPadmin. Unsuccessful as I guess the salt prevented login. The password I used in the new install is the same I had in earlier version.

What can I do? Any ideas?

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go to database administration interface (phpmyadmin?) and execute this:

update oxuser set oxpassword = MD5( CONCAT( 'mynewpassword', UNHEX( oxpasssalt ) ) ) where oxid='oxdefaultadmin'

Thank you Hebsacker. Unfortunately, other problems showed up where an error page displayed an endless loop error. I had this before and recall I ended up ditching the whole Db. So, I decided to delete the Db and start all over. Thank again for your response. I could NEVER get through this store setup without all you guys (and gals?) help. Cheers!


I just installed 4.8.5.
I was able to log-in as admin but now I don’t anymore.
Tried both ways to reset admin password.
When I use the email version I don’t get an email (not even in my spambox).
The command in phbmyadmin does not work either.
When I try to log-on after I ran it, at /admin the fields empty but I get no error message.
Any ideas?

Thank you

If it worked and now not anymore probably you (or your hoster) changed something. If you have just installed i suggest you delete files and db and install again.

If your shop runs in UTF8 Mode ($this->iUtfMode = 1 in the field oxpassword in oxuser table must be collated in “utf8_general_ci”.

Dear Hebstacker,

I have had a similar problem, and while googling around, I have come by this post.

I have tried your solution and reset the password like you said. However, when I try to login in admin with my username and the new password, I get “Error! Incorrect username and/or password!”

Do you have any idea why is this happening?

Thank you in advance,

Have a look above…

it must be possible to set the pw with the pw-reset-function on the frontend. I done that sometimes :wink:

… says who with what shop version, what changed, what hosting provider with what PHP / MySQL version etc?

actually with V4.10.6.

It works, but only if your admin account has an valid email address and oxid’s email delivery system is configured.

True. Another way would be to register as a new user and set this account to admin in DB.

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