Always 'Object not found! Error 404' when redirecting/forwarding


I’m simply clicking on a link, eg. a category, link in the footer, register or anything else.

When I click on any link on the mainpage I always get ‘Object not found! Error 404’ except when I click on the Home-link.

I noticed that I dont have the directory structure in /htdocs/projectname/ according to the SEO-URL, eg. http://localhost/projectname/en/open-account/. For example the directory /en/ is not available. Is this a problem or doesnt it matter?

The Admin-Area works correctly. Here I can open an article in preview but at this point the URL is not Search Engine optimized but its the orignial URL.

The problem is obvious but I have no idea why redirecting fails.

Do you have any idea?


Either you have no .htaccess or mod_rewrite does not work i think.

Thank you for the fast response.

.htaccess exists in /htdocs/projectname/ with readonly permissions (WIN7).

Mod_rewrite module is according to phpinfo() loaded.
Is there a way to check if mod_rewrite is working correctly? How can I solve mod_rewrite problem?


You can either look in system health in Backend or check directly by calling oxseo.php?mod_rewrite_module_is=off. The string “mod_rewrite_on” should appear.
Look here in Demoshop:

mod_rewrite_on appeared when calling the link.

Is there another way to restrict the source of error?


Look at the url displayed in your browser when the 404 is displayed, is it really somewhere in your shop directory? Is it a generic 404 or your shop displaying “page not found”? I’m out of explanations because everything inside your shop directory should be rewritten to index.php or oxseo.php by .htaccess, so you should never see a generic 404 regardless whether the page exists or not.

The original URL when the ‘register’ link is clicked is

The optimized URL is the following one

When ‘Object not found! Error 404’ page is displayed then I see the optimized URL. Does it mean that its not generic?

When I recently explored the online demo shop I got also a 404 once but the difference was that the 404 was shown in the content area of the template. So should I also see the 404 within my own template?

Yes with “generic” i mean the 404-page displayed by the webserver itself, as opposed to the “not found”-page with the design of the shop.
Do you have the correct rewriteBase? it should read:
RewriteBase /projectname
in .htaccess.