Any possibility to change admin folder name




If any possibilities to change the admin folder name.
Example: https:localhost/oxid/admin/index.php
Changed admin URL: https:localhost/oxid/backend/index.php

I changed the admin to the backend. If any possibilities available in oxid 6.


Yes this is possible:
you have to move the admin directory to the destination folder:
/source/admin -> /source/backend/

edit the parameter sAdminSSLURL to set an https URL
only if you don’t use permanent https in the shop ( $this->sShopURL = https://)


Hello KristianH.

Thank you for your reply.

How to get the admin directory path for dynamically in ajax call. Now I am using manually for admin directory.

url: parent.location.protocol+"//"+SHOPURL+"/admin/index.php?cl=myconfiguration"


Take a look at here:

The configuration parameter “sAdminDir” will be load.
Which is set in:


why would i want to change the admin name?


Security by obfuscation, mate :wink:


yea, a htaccess with ip restriction and or user/password would make more sense.