Assigning Variants without Parent article

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Debuging on initial problem we found one more bug, which in our opinion is the reason of issue #626. This is described in:

Some time ago we started discussion that we need some concept for displaying Variant articles in the lists. But this stuck somewhere in dev-general or forums and we got no feedback from users. Issue #1364 is related to this concept.

As lot of people suffers from incorrect pagination, now we are planning to fix the issue #1364 this way:

  • assign Parent article automatically, if (only) Variant articles are assigned?

Some more global solution will be considered during preparation of the concept.

Then also question occurs:

  • Do we really need the option “Display Variants in Assignment Lists in eShop admin”? Is it usefull and used?

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Dainius Bigelis

Hi again,

When we went deeper into details, looks like offered solution has no sence, because:
in eshop it’s not possible to display only few particular variant-articles in the details page of parent-article.
Means - if parent-article is assigned, then all it’s variants will be displayed in details page, also these, which are not assigned to currently selected category. So there is no sense to allow assignment of some particular variants (and leave some variants unassigned) to category.

We came to conclusion that best solution in this case would be:

  • do not allow assignment of only some particular variant-articles in AJAX lists.

So this bug will be fixed this way.

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Dainius Bigelis


We got some feedback about this case and arguments seems sensible.

So this issue will be gone when the feature “Display variant-articles in lists” will be implemented. It’s written in features requests list:

Please vote.
Topic is closed :wink:

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