I’am trying to update my shop to 4.7.0.

On my front page i have bargain weeks specjal
my produkcts have variants and after upgrade database the price in weeks special is shown as 0.

on demo shop evrythings works fine.

In my shop prices in product are ok - 0 is only in weeks specjal

@pawelch, do use a different theme than before? Maybe Azure instead of Basic?


I used Azure in 4.6.5 and now i change “new” azure to use it.

Oh I see. So it’s probably the best idea to make a diff between both template files: the old one you used in 4.6.5 and the new one for 4.7 to see what part changed.

To see which template is concerned, please turn the debug mode in to “8”. For seeing the differences in both files, there are a lot of diff tools available.


I think there is a bug, In 4.7.0 version

Steps which I do

  1. create new product with variant
    a) set title, manufacture, category
    b) don’t set the price - price is only in variants (when i added variants i version under 4.7.0 the price from first tab disapered)

  2. create variants with prices

  3. add created product to bergainlist from firs page

The price on bergain on fron page will be 0. It don’t display price from variants like in 4.6.5

Want to enter it into the bug tracker as is?


maybe related to this one?

it´s about the missing “price from” in the banners of the slider
I will add this case and link it to the one mentioned above here

here you go

Ok :wink: problem is resolved but when it will be “Next Major version” published :)??


[QUOTE=pawelch;110455]Ok :wink: problem is resolved but when it will be “Next Major version” published :)??[/QUOTE]

That’s not decided yet. But Linas entered the fix in the bug already :wink:


hotfix provided in bug comment: