Bug or Feature ? Installed 3rd Language "2" is activated the SEO URLs fail and display the first language "0"

Can it be - we tried to install the CE with 3 languages - DE/EN/FR and could not activate the 3rd language.

We put the language files right. (put the parameters in the Basic Settings)
We can start and run, but in the checkout and everywhere - where the shop links to SEO URLs - from the 3rd language, the
system falls back into the first language (0). It looks to me as if the SEO URL system does not handle more then 3 language.
Trying direct URLs or adding ?lang=2 works usualy. Anyhow the “checkout” is essential.

We tried the .htaccess and apache settings too but could not found a workaround. Then we updated to - same stuff.

So my question - are there some people with successfull 3 Language installations ? if yes i confess it is our problem.
Else its maybe a bug or even a “Feature” - then the question does it work in PE :slight_smile: ?

BTW - the 3rd language in the admin works fine…


Hi Max

I’ve just tried to reproduce the problem, but it looks everything is all right. I took fresh CE installation and all I had to do was adding French to the language array. It looked like this:

de => Deutsch
en => English
fr => Français

I additionally copied en lang dir to fr. And it looks that I can switch to fr without any problems, search engine URLs work as well.


Tomas, maxmix is right, i have the same problem

you can enhance the shop system for 3 Languages, but if you check the “master settings” / “core settings” / SEO

you have all LANGUAGE FIELD and Drop Downs telling you “Deutsch / Englisch / French” but in the SEO Department, you get only 2 Languages…

Please check - i meanwhile drop this in as Bug into the bugtracker -

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