Bugs in product creation and recovery password

Hello everyone,

i will try to make it short,

I have a lot of bugs in my shop,

First of all:
It all started with the recovery password function that doesn’t work: the client receives an empty mail with just the logo of the company. I looked in the forum and it seems somehow related with the translation, i’ve tried every solution i’ve found in the forum, for example: Understanding the OXID eShop template hierarchy and override system — OXID eShop developer documentation 6.5.0 documentation but nothing seems to resolve the issue.

Any new item added in the admin panel does not appear in the shop. I have to copy/duplicate an old product and after change the description to create a new article. When I duplicate the product or create a new one from scratch, in the admin panel all the blank spaces to complete the info are filled with " (") " Also as the article appears in the shop, when you choose a variant immediately in the display of the products, it sends you to a blank page.

For each problem, I attach an image
Thanks everyone.


Imho your system is not ready for OXID. Server and system requirements — OXID eShop 6.1 | User documentation

check in admin / cms-pages that the french translation for eg ident: oxupdatepassinfoemail is given

did it a dozen times

for example the orange light for PHP version i don’t know the problem because i have the 7.4 version of php installed …

What made you laugh so much?

its not activ

You use a WYSIWYG editor to edit the CMS texts. When saving, it happens that the Smarty syntax -> is replaced by ->. Then the shop can no longer process the CMS text. Please check in a plain text view whether the syntax fits. The HTML view of the editor cannot show the error.

when i activate it i get the Maintenance mode, i think it’s really weird

it could be possible that the WYSIWYG Editor has corrupted the text - see DanielS thread above

when you get maintenance mode there is propabably an entry in exception log.