Button in Oxid 6 module settings

Hello! I’m trying to add a button in a new module, but the only allowed types that I found until now are “bool/aar/aarr/str/select/password/etc” but not any way through which I can add a button.

Is there a way for that or any workaround? The point is that I need a “test button” for a configuration before saving the settings.

Thank you a lot!

“button” is not a valid data type.
What exactly is this button supposed to do?

It should test the configuration made in the other text fields. Should send an ajax request that would answer with a modal window that confirms if the configuration is well or not. What I want is not necessary a button, but a link also. Where can I find a complete list with all the types available for those fields?

there are only “str / bool / arr / aar / password / select” as far as i know

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Thank you for clarifying this to me!

if you can test you settings with a simple link, you can generate your link in module metadata file and insert the link into module description