Can't delete oxid temp files


For a strange reason i can not delete the files from the oxid temp folder!
I asked the tech support of my host company and they said that these files are using special characters that can’t be deleted through normal a ftp client.

Here is an example from the oxid temp folder:




Any idea what is causing these “special” character? Oxid Efire?

And how do i delete these files through normal ftp?

Any help would be great.

Regarding deleting the tmp files…
Obviously, if someone is asking the same question please use a ssh sftp-client to “ssh” to your server so you are able to delete the tmp files. Normal unsecure ftp connectiong will not work. ( i am sure everone knows this here(:slight_smile:

For Mac use Terminal or Fugu (all opensource)
For Win use PUTTY i guess (:


thanks for the solution!

Basically, it’s a problem with the permissions on your Linux system, it has nothing to do with special characters or OXID eFire.

Your webserver, which installed the temp files, is a different user than ftp-user. Logging in using ssh, you probably have root permissions and deleting of other users files is allowed.

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
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