Category picture import


I am using OXID eShop CE 4.5.8_42471.
Successfully imported products, but have an issue with categories image import.

After import through General import/ oxcategories, all data is imported in Category fields, including image name.
Still, thumb and icon are not generated when opening category/ parent category page.
(also no image in pictures/ generated/category…)
I checked, and it works fine when creating Category from admin interface.

Should I do sometring special after import (besides tmp, refresh dbviews)?
Is there a way to manually run picture generation for categories?

Thanks for support


did you find this Tutorial?

Shall work like this if oxpicgenerated is set to “0”


there was a change in picture handling since 4.5.0 ->

OXPICSGENERATED is deprecated since then

I know the tutorials, but discovered that it was (just) a permission problem for the images uploaded for categories. Uploading through admin sets the right permissions, this was the difference.
After applying permissions, image generation worked fine. My mistake.

Thanks for support!