Change order email for shop owner

Hello Everyone,

I need to add a small string with greeting card in owner email. I am making changes in tpl/email/html/order_owner.tpl …

I changed [{$sVar}] : [{$aParam}] to [{$sVar}] / ‘Grußkartentext’ : [{$aParam}]

But I don’t see these changes in the email.

I actually tried to make some more changes but those changes do not appear in email.

have you emptied the tmp/ directory?

yes i did. updated the views aswell

are all your changes inside one single block? this part of the email template could be overwritten by a module block.
You can check the table “oxtplblock” if there are entries for block “email_html_order_owner_basketitem”.

If your changes are distributed over the whole email template but you cant see any of them, then you are probably editing the wrong file and there could be a child theme.

yes just in one block and this one line for persparam.

there is no entry for 'email_hmtl_order_basketitem" in “oxtplblocks”

I am using a child theme, I made changes into parent theme as well. but still there is no change.

but your basket item has persparam, right?
so you just see the original persparams code, but not you customizing.

try doing some changes in other parts of this email template, just to check if other changes are visible or not

yes item has persparam.

I tried to remove the first name. Still no changes to email.

i would check the file on the server, just to make sure your changes were uploaded correctly.
If all the changes were uploaded correctly, my last guess would be a module, that overwrites Email class and renders a completely different template file instead of the default order_owner.tpl

it was a module.