Change oxconfig and oxconfig display - OXVARVALUE to anything other than BLOB

If its meant for obfuscation it doesnt work, as there are already ways to view it listed here in the forum.
And its just amazingly annoying and unescessary, would make life much easier (from a dev point of view) if it was not a blob.

PS i’ve asked several times and never heard a reason why it is?

Hi soup,

it is because of some sensitive data in this table like account numbers etc. Nonetheless, this isn’t a reason to blob the entire table. Your feature request is already a task - cannot say when it will be done yet.


ahh thats the reason

  • have you got a link to the task (or where are they listed ?)

@ Marco,

By the way, most sensible data is currently in How about a secure solution for that?


actually is not in danger if you configured your server the right way. But you’ve got something different in mind, haven’t you? ^^

Whatever the feeling about security is, storing the db password together with other access data in plain text is not state of the art. At least the pw should be encrypted.

i’m not requesting that passwords are stored unencrypted.
But at the moment, about 98-99% of the content of the tables oxconfig and oxconfig display is neither sensitive, passwords, or proprietor, which is why i am suggesting that it could be changed.

Where is the feature list btw ?