Changing Email Logos & VAT

Hi Forum

I know where to change the text for emails being sent to customers on the occasion where they:


But where do I change the “oxid eshop” logo to one of my own?
How do I change VAT to GST?


In email templates or just replete image file.
VAT to GST woks the same way as before


Thanks for replying to my questions…

I am thinking you must be a Teacher/Lecturer or similar judging by your curt replies suggesting I should know the answers already. I wish I could work it out on my own as I embarrassed to be one of the only persons asking so basic questions.

I found email_logo.png and replaced it with my version of email_logo.png however every time I went to verify the success of the upload in the file, I found the old image still remained. I emptied the TMP files, and allowed full access to the files (777) but still no good. I re-tried at least five times. Argg :frowning:

Try, Try Try… and still nothing apart from HTTPS://

I tried researching this in OXID and Stackoverflow but I could’t really find an answer to fix it so out of desperation and because there is a 12 hour time delay, I have opted to use the last 24 hour backup to re-instate the website. I am hoping it all works out in half and hour.

I keep pressing on

Hey Don,

look at this one mate:

Should be this one:

Make sure you copy this line into cust_lang.php and clear tmp/ after changing :wink:

Thanks Marco

I haven’t added lines to the cust_lang.php files before and so I am wary. They have little in there and I am unsure what/where to put in these files (there are several):


I realise this may be code 101 to you but to me it is a steep learning curve that my course are not yet up to. So thanks for your help and patience.

I would like to note that I tried, form the github a small program to check for “no known delivery” type errors. it was very good.


Nope, as you want to change the storefront for an Azure based theme.


Nope, as you want to change the storefront for an Azure based theme.


Yes, Sir!

$sLangName  = "English";
// -------------------------------
// -------------------------------
$aLang = array(

'charset' => 'ISO-8859-15',

//Copy the string from /translations/en/lang.php here and make your changes like this:
'VAT' => 'GST',


[{ oxmultilang ident="GENERAL_YOUWANTTODELETE" }]

Once again: don’t forget to empty your tmp/ folder after these alterations.
Give it a go :wink:

Don, there’s something else coming to my mind while talking about translations to an Aussie…

I could imagine that there might be some more words to change in order to fit your flavour of English. For example, I have not clue if you guys use “cart” or “basket” for the trolley :slight_smile:
How about generating a complete new English version en_AU like there is one for en_UK and en_US at our translation platform I could completely copy one of these versions, we (together) do the alterations for en_AU and you simply work with this complete set of translations?

You up for it?


Hey Marco,

It has taken me awhile to get back to you on this matter of translations from an Aussie perspective and I feel much more comfortable with my ‘Advanced Newbie Skills’ allowing me to say YES, I would gladly put my AU version of the translation in place. I have done so already on many of the translated words. Some are marginally different whereas so are like chinglish. Ha Ha. Let he who is perfect throw the first stone…

Send me the list and I’ll get back to you soon. We already have the AU states and Territories nailed. There are also some technical things that need addressing like VAT ID’s etc. I can offer you what I think the workaround should be.

I hope you have not discounted me totally from replying, I just needed to get my head around the system first.



Alright then. Give me some days to prepare that at Am hell-busy as well at the mo’ :wink:


I am sorry to hear that you are ‘flat chat’ as we say in AU. I hope it is not because you are going to release an update for CE as I just finished configuring the current version. ha ha

I suggest when you forward the terms/words, you do so in a manner that would allow me to see the suggested translations from your US, UK and other EN speaking customers (if any) and then I can add my words that are different or adopt something that is acceptable from the other languages. In the end it is mostly small variances and personal preferences I suspect.

An excel sheet with multiple columns with the original German words, the default translation or where the translation stands now, your USA translation requests and then your UK and AU columns thereafter. This way we can all collaborate, I hope.


Done, Don :slight_smile:

Could you swap over for the translation stuff to this thread, please?