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Over and above a mere language/translation pack, I would appreciate know how I can change and or delete certain abnormal words or occurrences of words and phrases. To better explain I have attached some images as they say a picture paints a thousand words.

[li]Thank you code
In addition to the title or header “Thank you” there is a lot of verbose code showing. I am not sure why or what it means, but I am very sure my customer does not want to see it. Options: a) I could kill the code if I knew where to do so and b)I could perhaps correct the code if I knew where it originated from and what purposes it serves.

  1. Total Shipping
    Where do I find the area to modify wording on the 2nd image, “Total Shipping”?

Thanks to those who respond and please, if you could, simple specific instructions would be appreciated.:rolleyes:

Hey Don,


Which template are you working on presently? Is the mobile template switched on for some reason?


Hi All and Seasons Greetings,

I am getting some errant code showing up and visible to customers just after they have paid. Attached is the image that it is currently showing and I would like to know why it is showing and also or secondly. how to get rid of it.


Many thanks

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I see you have the title “Leader” showing these days. As a matter of protocol and etiquette, does one address you as Mr Leader or… ? :wink:

Thanks for replying to my query. To the best of my knowledge nothing much has changed apart from the work that Johannes did for me about a year ago. Now that I look into a component he left in place and for which I am unsure of what it does, (an old expression: “if it ain’t broke, don’t touch it”) there appears to be a lot of exceptions being thrown, again which mean nothing to me but which could mean something to you.

<< oxException (time: 2018-01-02 10:23:28): [0]: SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.
Stack Trace: #0 /home/neigh/public_html/core/oxutilsobject.php(188): oxUtilsObject->_getObject(‘oxexception’, 0, Array)
#1 [internal function]: oxUtilsObject->oxNew(‘oxException’)
#2 /home/neigh/public_html/core/oxfunctions.php(368): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#3 /home/neigh/public_html/core/oxemail.php(2083): oxNew(‘oxException’)
#4 /home/neigh/public_html/core/oxemail.php(401): oxEmail->_sendMail()
#5 /home/neigh/public_html/core/oxemail.php(1097): oxEmail->send()
#6 /home/neigh/public_html/application/controllers/admin/order_overview.php(194): oxEmail->sendSendedNowMail(Object(v6c_mlOrder))
#7 /home/neigh/public_html/core/oxview.php(522): Order_Overview->sendorder()
#8 /home/neigh/public_html/core/oxshopcontrol.php(355): oxView->executeFunction(‘sendorder’)
#9 /home/neigh/public_html/core/oxshopcontrol.php(126): oxShopControl->_process(‘order_overview’, ‘sendorder’, NULL, NULL)
#10 /home/neigh/public_html/core/oxid.php(40): oxShopControl->start()
#11 /home/neigh/public_html/index.php(26): OXID::run()
#12 /home/neigh/public_html/admin/index.php(27): require_once(‘/home/neigh/pub…’)
#13 {main}

But perhaps this has nothing to do with the message that I have been getting and more to do with why my website is no longer sending emails for some reason, again, the reasons why I am unsure of.

To answer your question, I am operating COMMUNITY EDITION 4.10.3 (I am scared to update because I could lose all my custom modifications that allow me to operate in Australia under AU laws and Taxation) and I note that I now appear to be running Herr Johannes’ modified themes:

NHS Responsive Theme
2017 NHS Theme
For configuration, selecth “Flow” in the list above and configure the theme as desired in the “Settings” tab.
Parent theme: Flow
Compatible parent theme versions: 1.0.0
Version 0.2.1

Does this answer your question? Are you able to make sense out of all this?

Nice to hear from you mate. Cheers, Don

it looks like these translation strings are inaccessible. They should be located in the file htdocs/application/views/<your theme>/en/lang.php. This file contains an array of translation strings with their respective translations (human-readable text). Those entries can look like this:
'PAGE_CHECKOUT_THANKYOU_THANKYOU1' => "Thank you for your order",
As you can see here, each translation string is usually represented in uppercase letters.
Please make sure that this file exists and that the desired theme is activated.


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