Changing shop to full screen

Hello Everyone,

I am using oxid eshop 4.10. The problem is that currently the shop is not on full screen and it is zoomed out. how can i change it so it appears on the full screen?


Hello @Mutayyab_Usama :slight_smile:

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Hi @indianer3c
I know CSS,

I just wanted to know if there is a simple solution to do this via backend.

Why can’t you open the backend and look at the available settings then?

I am trying to find If the facebook pixel code is already added into the shop or not?

In the backend, In the admin panel I can not find header file. I need to find the header file for that

I looked but I can not find any settings like that

it is code (html, tpl Github and so on), not a setting in the backend.
To change your shop to full-screen is not simple at all and you can not do it by a simple trigger via backend. To be honstest, to change a shop to full-screen is a big monster and more like a complete new shop-template.

Am not certainly sure but cannot this simply been set in admin => Extensions => Themes => Settings => Display => “Activate full width layout”, at least for Flow and Wave?

Hello Marco,

Thank you for your reply.
My theme is a child theme of flow, But I do not see any option in my theme’s setting to make it full screen.
Parent flow theme is already full screen.

Check out this tutorial. Watch out for “Theme specific config options”. Although the post is rather old, it should be still valid: Theme Management in OXID from v4.5 on • OXIDforge

If somebody else has got a better/newer ressource, I’d be glad to hear from you.