CKEditor is not secure-Alert

Good Day,

We are seeing the below error which states particular version of CKEditor is not secure. we are using WYSIWYG Editor + Mediathek for editing does it related to CKeditor? we want to update this but the higher version is compatable with oxid 7.

is there anyway to suppress this alert ?

The WYSIWYG editor in OXID uses Summernote since OXID 6, not CKEditor. Therefore, this must have been added to your shop via a module.


I have checked and I couldn’t find any module which uses ckEditor. Attaching all my modules list image.

Hi @naledre , I deactivated all the modules but still the issue persist, does anyone know how to solve it?


Which oxid-Version do you use? If > 6.3 you have to work with yaml/composer.

Hi @corona360 ,

I am using OXID version 6.2.2. and i do not see any active or deactive moudles uses CKEditor, it is really strange and do not know where to disable the alert.

Maybe you use an old module GitHub - OXIDprojects/CHF-ckEditor: ckEditor for OXID and you must delete the block entries in the database :nerd_face:

Thanks @indianer3c , I found, CDN for CKEditor in one of the files namely headitem.tpl at /source/Application/views/admin/tpl/headitem.tpl.

  [{block name="admin_ckeditor"}]
      <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

by changing it to Long Term Support version , it requires us to buy the access. where as other versions still showing the alert to upgrade the version.

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