CMS pages as list in sidebar - oxid 6


I am trying to get the title of CMS pages as list to sidebar but somewhere I lacking… Request your help.


Have created array inside a class…
public $Sidebar_Service_Box = array('aboutus', 'oxsecurityinfo', 'oxdeliveryinfo', 'leasing', 'oxorderinfo', 'oo_freistellung', 'oo_guenstiger', 'oo_callback', 'oo_bestellformular' );

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what output do you get from print_r($theme);

No. I didn`t got output from it… I understand the problem but now I am also looking for an alternate option such as template for creating arrays consisting of multiple cms pages and printing the titles as list…

i would create theme or module config option for this. Flow and wave themes have such config options, you can use them as example code

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Ah okay I ‘will’ try it. But currently this one line has fixed the issue for time being.

[{assign var=‘sidebarServiceBox’ value=’,’|explode:“aboutus,oxsecurityinfo”}]

Thank you