Collaboration Platform for Developing OXID Extensions has been opened

Hello everybody,

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of our web-based project management and collaboration platform for developers of Open Source extensions for OXID eShop on

See the related blog post about it:

We are still looking for a proper name for it. Any ideas or suggestions welcome!


Hi everybody,

during the last few days, I could collect some very useful proposals for the name of the tool at Thanks everybody for thinking about it!

See the poll above and please leave your opinion. This poll will last 7 days, multiple choices are possible.


short and simple
"Team OXID"


[QUOTE=FC MR;20587]short and simple

That one sounds quite good but unfortunately, the proposals already have been done. Just need to poll the proposals given.

BTW, our developers assigned a new user called OXIDlab to where new projects will be opened for sharing experimental software, prototypes, spike solutions etc. as a result of our daily work. A first module was launched to OXID eXchange. Read more about it in Ralf’s blog post about it:


Open Source shopping,great thanks