Composer only downloaded a single .json file


So the site i’m working on runs on Oxid eshop CE 4.10.6 hosted in Hosteurope, and after the php update to 7.2, it stopped working (understandably). My problem is that when i ran the command in the documentation for the upgrade process, it only downloaded a single file “composer,json” in the “your_project_name” folder, which leads me to believe that something is wrong since the documentation doesn’t mention an extra step after this, it goes straight to dealing with directories and setup. Originally i had issues installing and running Composer since the server is a managed instance and i don’t have root access to everything. The only way i was able to use composer was by using “php composer.phar” instead of just “composer” otherwise i woulg get “command not found” even after it said that composer was successfully installed. Again, only way to view composer version is with “sudo php composer.phar --version”

Home directory is /is/htdocs/package_number and that’s where the composer.phar and your_project_name folder are located.


there is no composer command for upgrading from 4.10 to 6. Give us at least the link to the updating manual you are refering to

#3 (step 1. points to this next link)


okay, this one will install new oxid 6.
check composer output for some erros, like missing php mods or other requirements


that’s what’s weird about this. I didn’t get any errors or dependency issues after the command.


try this one:
composer create-project --no-dev oxid-esales/oxideshop-project my_oxid_eshop_project dev-b-6.1-ce


same still…the output starts by saying that it’s installing the shop, creates the directory, loading composer repositories with package information, updating dependencies and then just stops. I’m sorry if i didn’t mention it in the post but i think i got the same result the first time i ran the command for 6.0, but i wasn’t sure since my ssh session timed out and had to reconnect so i didn’t manage to see the previous output.


i would check internet for similar composer problems, since its external and widely used tool. probably there is a bug with particular version or operating system


ok thank you, will check.


To be honest: I get stomach aches seeing somebody playing around with composer on a live system with a PHP version that is not officially tested yet, at a hosting provider we have no contact with and who will stop PHP 7.0 support by beginning of December (this year!).

Why not simply update the shop in a dev environment and transfer it to the server afterwards?


Since the site doesn’t work and i’ve already backed up the site and database, i figured there’s no problem in testing directly and i wanted to avoid using virtual machines, but i suppose you’re right and i already don’t have another choice but to follow the instructions you provided. Thanks.


Wanted to test Composer in a safe environment since i’ve never worked with it before and i also wanted to see the latest eshop from a fresh start so i created a virtual machine with vmware running ubuntu, but that composer command to get the shop still only downloaded a “composer.json” file again, like it did on the server. The documented process for installing a fresh shop only has that command which makes this process confusing. Anyone got any idea what could be the problem here?

Note: i have followed the instructions on how to install composer step-by-step.


This is only a wild guess: did you install composer running apt install (from ubuntu repositories) or did you really download the very latest version from

#14… Also running “composer” in the terminal shows that it is installed and shows the version just like instructed in the composer official site


Any other error message while composer run? Anything? Otherwise I wouldn’t even know where to search…


no, nothing…i would’ve mentioned if there were any errors, either during composer installation or while running, it just creates the directory in the command “my_oxid_eshop_project” for example (as in main article for version 6.1) and in that directory there’s just one file…composer.json


Can you post the output on your terminal after $ composer create-project …?


The sixth comment of the post describes what i got. Any more details would have to wait until monday since i have the weekend off.


I think I see what’s going on: I reckon it stops at $ Updating dependencies, right? Looks like composer is a damned resource-hungry beast (memory?) Give it some more server power.

I just let composer run for a new installation on my local machine. Until $ Updating dependencies it made a new folder and set up a composer.json file. Then - after it ran for a while, it started downloading /vendor/ folder and even later made the /source/ folder. So I guess it times out while running the dependency updates memory-wise…


yes, it always stopped at “updating dependencies”. In my local machine i had setup the VM with 8gb of ram, so i can try increasing the memory to 10-12gb and/or a few more cpu threads. Might even explain this issue in the actual server since it’s a Webhosting package on hosteurope, (tho i have no clue about the specs). I will test this first thing on monday when i get to the office.