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Which is the right way to update the latest version of the module using composer like either remove the installed one and reinstall the latest one?
Note: While install(“composer require modulename:1.1.0”) with the existing module(version 1.0.0) I have faced the error “Nothing to install”.

So, please share your valuable feedback on this topic.

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which OXID eShop Version you use?

I am using the latest OXid eshop version 6.2.1.

Hi Mohana,

We normally change the Version to use in composer.json and call “composer update --no-dev”. This works for us.

Cheers, Thorsten

Since OXID eShop Community Edition 6.2.x, the modules have 4 states. More Informations Installation and Activation — OXID eShop developer documentation 6.2.0 documentation

An Example to Update your PayPal Module Version 6.2.0 to 6.2.1

To change composer.json and composer.lock via console.

composer require --no-update oxid-esales/paypal-module:v6.2.1
composer update --no-dev

and maybe to load new metadata settings in your 1.yaml File

vendor/bin/oe-console oe:module:apply-configuration

To query the available module versions you can search via your module e.g. PayPal Modul you find with “oxid-esales/paypal-module” and the result oxid-esales/paypal-module - Packagist

On the right side you can see the available versions and how to address them.

You have to differentiate between composer install --no-dev and composer update --no-dev

When you use composer install --no-dev, you have to define a new version in composer.json beforehand.

Have a look to Wiki entry Anleitung: Composer für Shopbetreiber

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