Create a new product is not working in admin panel


Creating a new product in the admin panel is not working. The product is showing in the shop but with no title. In the database, the title value is saved in OXTITLE_1 column. But when I inspect the code, it shows that the data is in OXTITLE. Any solution for that will be helpful.


Each active language in the shop has its own title, hope this helps.

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There is also a bug that top and bottom frame languages get disconnected when copying a product to another language. In this case a newly created article gets created in the second language (oxtitle_1) although the first language is displayed in the language dropdown in the top frame. That is why the newly created product will show up with no title the top frame list: 0004769: Languages in different frames in admin do not match after copying - OXID eShop bugtrack
This bug was never fixed however because it requires “architectural change” :frowning:


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