Credit card payment through redirection to AlertPay website - Problem


As you may know using AlertPay you can use its own website to make credit card payments. I follow this instructions to create a module.

Everything works fine (e.g. the Cancel order) except the return to oxid eshop page after the payment completed successfully on AlertPay.

Exactly, the problem is [B]when i return to the oxid eshop the page is completely empty [/B]except this message. [I]Thank you for your order! Below we have listed your order. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail [email protected]! Order No. 2 Wall Clock DIGITALGift Wrapping: NONEUnit Price 59.00 USD Quantity 1 VAT 19% Total 59.00 USD ------------------------------------------------------------------ Total Products (gross): 59.00 USD Discount Current Bargain: -5.90 USD Total Products (net): 44.62 USD plus VAT 19% Amount: 8.48 USD Shipping cost : 3.90 USD Grand Total: 57.00 USD What I wanted to say …: Here you can enter an optional message. Payment Method:
Fatal error: Call to a member function getRawValue() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs
ew2 mp\c6148a107f5a767bf491408d09faadaf^%%5E^5E0^5E05DEEE%%email_order_cust_plain.tpl.php on line 212[/I]

Here’s a picture:

Finally, if i check orders to admin page, the order [B]is completed[/B] and if i log in again to the shop the cart is not empty and it the last order is there (that should be completed).

I use [B]OXID eShop CE 4.4.2_29492[/B] and I make the test to a new installation, locally installed, with the demo items.

I haven’t test email delivery yet.

Hope for some help.

Thank you!

Hello spyrom,

Vikram’s article is already some days old :slight_smile:
In the mean time, some changes were made, at the templates as well. The error message coming up seems to say that a method is not available calling the template.
Maybe best is to make a diff on the changed templates from Vikrams article to 4.4.2.


Thank you for your answer.

I thing just need the right URL - Function that completes the order.

[B]Is there any other way[/B] (maybe other module for other service) that does the same thing or similar?

Exactly, after last step to redirect somewhere, and if the transaction there is successful to return as order completed and if is canceled or failed to return back to step 3 (payment methods) according to the GET details i will provide dynamically.

Hi spyrom,

sorry I cannot help you more specific with this point :frowning:
Please have a look at this payment modules:
There ought to be some under GPL where you might get some inspiration for the above named point.