Cronjobs in OXID shop

Hi guys.
I’m new in OXID shop. I have a question for those who know better then me the OXID framework.
Is there any way to have cronjob in OXID?
I mean to running process(tasks) that executes commands at specific dates and times.
To schedule one-time by the user in his account.
For instance: he what’s to have a repeat order base on date and time he selects in his account.

Thank you

Hi and welcome!

Usually one would use cron jobs on basis of the operating system. Linux for example uses cron tabs to trigger e.g. php scripts. With this, you could for example poll product items from a specified source to your database.

I think what you mean is something different and needs a module for extending classes and functions in OXID eShop. This is what we would call “standing order” or “subscription”. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a ready to use module for it yet but I know that it has been implemented for several projects individually. One possible reason is that the business cases could be very different, for example in usage of hosting providers, if you are a publisher or you selling diapers :slight_smile:


Yes. You got it. Is about the subscription or starting order at a specific time.
Thank you for your answer