Custom column in oxorder table causes "Unknown column in field list" error

Hi, I added some columns to the oxorder table and I am getting the following error
I already tried to regenerate views under services -> tools
where else do I need to add the new colums for them to be accessible?

[20 Jul 15:21:09.635253 2018] [exception] [type Exception] [code 0] [file /data/www/] [line 314] [message PDO error code: 42S22 in function query -- Unknown column 'o.ggpaypalid' in 'field list' -- SELECT o.oxordernr, o.oxtransid, o.ggpaypalid FROM oxorder o WHERE (o.oxpaymenttype = "payppaypalplus" OR o.oxpaymenttype = "ebaypaypal" OR o.oxpaymenttype = "yategopaypal" OR o.oxpaymenttype = "oxidpaypal") and DATE(o.oxorderdate) between "2018-07-01" AND"2018-07-15"order by o.oxorderdate DESC]
[20 Jul 15:21:09.635253 2018] [exception] [stacktrace] #0 /data/www/ ggDB->checkForDatabaseError('SELECT o.oxorde...', 'query')
[20 Jul 15:21:09.635253 2018] [exception] [stacktrace] #1 /data/www/ ggDB->query('SELECT o.oxorde...')
[20 Jul 15:21:09.635253 2018] [exception] [stacktrace] #2 /data/www/ ggDB->getArray('SELECT o.oxorde...')
[20 Jul 15:21:09.635253 2018] [exception] [stacktrace] #3 {main}

are you sure about correct column name spelling?

if you open columns list in phpmyadmin, is your custom column visible there?

yes, I can copy paste the querie in php myadmin and execute it just fine

You need to clear /tmp.

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