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I wanted to ask if anyone knows where i can find the news on the front end. I have added a couple of news in the News but they are not showing anywhere.

Any help?

depends on shop version and theme

Hello @vanilla_thunder
I’m using oxid 6.0.3 community edition and theme Flow.

Thank you for your help.

there should be a link in footer (last one in seconds column “information”)

Thank you for this information,

I wanted to ask you, how can i display those news on the front page-homepage?

you will need to copy function getNews()
from file /Application/Controller/NewsController.php
into file /Application/Controller/StartController.php

and the corresponsing code from page/info/news.tpl to page/shop/start.tpl

Thank you very much!
That was the solution.

Can you please give me a hint how to make a feature for this news section, i need to have a button on every news post on the home page, and after click on a read more button i need to have the clicked news opened.I want to have a single page for every news post.Thank you very much.

as far as i know, OXID cant do that.
There is only one single page with multiple news per page available.
You could use cms pages for creating separated pages with any content

But i need those cms pages to be on the home page like a small boxes and when the user gonna click on the read more to be redirect to the full cms page.

Not really sure but isn’t this a case for VCMS, distributed with any commercial OXID eShop products, Professional and Enterprise Edition?