Customer Upload Deluxe

“Oxid Customer Upload Deluxe” allows your customer to attach files to certain order items. You can define which articles must have an upload and which articles may have an upload.

The module supports multilanguage features and can be used in any country.

The upload is captured on the thankyou page after the customer places the order, this helps to keep unneeded files from your webserver, the customer can at any time manage all of his files in his “My Account” page and he will be notified if he needs to upload any more files.

Through the help of the newest web 2.0 techniques your customer can see how far his upload progress is and can stop it at anytime, he can also upload multiple files at a time.

You can define all of the allowed file extensions in the admin backend (white list) - you can also define which file types are not allowed (black list) and how many files are allowed per item.

If an order item requires uploads to be shipped the order status will be automatically set if all needed files have been supplied.

You will see all attached files in a list in the admin backend, you can even add files from there. If the customer has deactivated flash or javascript he will see a standard form upload so he can still process his order and use all of the features.

Username = [email protected]
Password = demo

Demo here

Article which must have an Upload:
Bar Set Absinth

Article which may have an Upload:

The module needs an installed ioncube extension on your server to work properly!


and this is the place where you can purchase the described module:



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