Czech is 100% translated. Where can I download this package?

I have finished the Czech translation.
Where can I download the package and is it going to be compatible with the latest release (4.9.0)?


should be here:

Hello Pavel,

there are several places for downloading this package. First off, in OXID translation center, the packages have to be build in <export>. Here it is also possible to export directly to GitHub (VCS).

After this is done, you can download the package including all languages. Also, from this GitHub project, the language files can be downloaded now, containing all other files like flags, map.php, transliteration files etc. Of course, if you download from this location, you have to clean up all the other languages if you just want to have Czech.

Usually, once a language reaches 100% or even just the front end translations, I will do this packaging and upload it to OXID eXchange in order to engage more people for the translations. This way, and thanks to you Pavel, Czech is now available for OXID eShop version 4.9:

Read more about language and translation handling here: