Database wrong collations

Hey dudes,

for a customer, I want to install an extension. This extension however throws diffrent errors (regarding wrong collaltions in the db)

So i checked the analyze-tool in oxid and this here happend:

So, of course there are some mismatches, but 90% has one specific collation: latin1_general_ci.

Why does it throw so many errors? Do i have to set a specific collation from a column, which is currently NOT latin1_swedish_ci to it?

// Edit 1
I found this thread and will give it a shot:

// Edit 2
OXID in oxarticles and oxorder are latin1_general_ci

I would change all fields that are currently latin1_swedish_ci to latin1_general_ci. Same with tables and database.
Why it throws so many errors, it takes field collation one by one and compares, so if only the first one is swedish and all the others general, all the general ones show up as errors.

hi there,
im new to oxid and i would like to do this " change all fields that are currently latin1_swedish_ci to latin1_general_ci" ?
i did it by Mysql Commad it works , but i have to do it in the code ? so i have to create a module for it or just put the query in some code ? how do i do it ?