Delete multiple products


I’ve just deleted 10 products in OXID CE backend and spent more than 1 minute to do it. So to delete 100 products would take 10 minutes or more of repeatedly clicking like a tray line worker a 100 years ago…

I mean, It’s like deleting a text document character by character pressing the delete key and waiting until all (let say 50) pages are deleted?!? OK, this was not a good example, in this case one could simply put a stone or a piece of tape on the delete key and go for a cup of coffee :smiley:

Oxid eShop is really a great product but I’m convinced that a “Select All” and “Delete all selected” or “Deactivate all selected” and not just “delete one by one” option should be available in any year 2013 ecommerce software product that can handle thousands of products.

I’m sorry for being so harsh but I really think it is something that should have been incorporated in Oxid from the beginning.

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