Deprecated methods at Oxid6!


getCategoryActionArticles() , is this method is still valid at Oxid 6?? Because I found not working.

Please help me with the replacement of this method.


Which shop version you were using before?

Hello Mohsin,

I was using 4.8.7 and then upgraded to 4.10.8…Now I am using oxid 6.0.5 updated recently, I wanted to list all category tree in home page…Kindly help. Thanks

there is no getCategoryActionArticles() function in any oxid versions available. Check your old modules

hello Wasim,
we do not allow multiaccounts here. I see your IP, i see your email. Why do you pretend being someone else? I guess you dont mind if i merge your old account into this newer one?

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Hi Vanilla,

I apologize. I am a newbie to Oxid and I wanted to learn here from community and documentation. Please do not delete/inactive my older account. You may please discard the new account and further, I will continue from my old account.

Thank you