Diamond Search - powerful search tool for OXID

A new version of [B]“Diamond Search”[/B] is available on Github: https://github.com/druteika/diamond_search_for_oxid_eshop

It is now compatible with OXID 4.9x and comes with more features.

Thank you [B]druteika[/B]

Thanks a lot for announcing it! :slight_smile:

Everyone interested, please also visit official page for more info: http://www.druteika.lt/#diamond_search_for_oxid_eshop

And the documentation for detailed description and FAQs:

@druteika, maybe most comfy if you’d define a thread here for your announcements, request, support etc. :wink:


Diamond Search makes a problem in the shop.
When I install it, then stops working the function “Sie haben fragen zu diesem Artikel?”.
Expenses that are not displayed with [{ $oxcmp_shop->oxshops__oxname->value }] or [{$ oxcmp_shop-> oxshops__oxtelefon-> value}] or [{$ oxcmp_shop-> oxshops__oxtelefax-> value}].

@druteika, can you resolved these errors?