Discounts question

We are looking into replacing a Magento store and need an answer to whether OXID will do this.
We sell education courses and the majority of our products have SKUs like this:
20140101AABB WHERE AA is the state that the course is located in and BB is the program code for the type of course.

The reason why we don’t just select the products is because our products are dynamically generated from our accounting system and when the event has passed, it is removed. New events are added almost daily.

We currently do our discounts based on several factors. Here’s an example of one discount we do in Magento.

And the action:

Magento sure has some nice features, unfortunately this is not possible with OXID, you would need a module for this, i don’t know if there is one for this purpose available yet. If you import your products daily you could use your import tool to automatically add your products to hidden categories based on your rules and assign a discount to those categories.

We were in the process of converting to use BrilliantRetail, an ExpressionEngine e-commerce plugin; we use ExpressionEngine as our CMS, when we found that it, too did not do discounts the way we wanted. We had to import our products into certain categories to be able to do this. We eventually ditched the plan because it wasn’t robust enough for us.

I have also imported few products into certain categories in magento but didn’t do it on OXID. Is there any prescribed protocals for the same ?