Do not display empty Manufacturers


Just a feature request: It would be nice to have a “Do not display empty Manufacturers” option to select in order not to list Manufacturers that are currently without available products.

(maybe just after “Do not display empty Categories” in Core Settings/Performance/)



you can set them as active or not active in the backend

[QUOTE=Hebsacker;72680]you can set them as active or not active in the backend[/QUOTE]

Yes, but manually “one by one” that can be time consuming when done per month/week basis and with lot of manufacturers. What I mean is more like already implemented switch for “Do not display empty Categories” which automatically hides unused categories.

Speaking of time consuming repeating actions i remembered that also deleting of products can be done only one by one - it is not possible to select multiple products and delete them all at once. I will put this in a new thread … :rolleyes:


You could install a cron job looking for manufactures without articles.
Shouldn´t a big problem. PS: Normally thats a job for an erp-system.

PS: Most user prefer to display the manufactuer even without articles bescause of SEO-Reasons.

I’m obviously hoping for a new feature.
ChristophH, thanks for “cron job” solution tip.