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Hello dear Oxid’s I want know more of oxid and docker unfotunally looks like no too much projects are running with this two main stacks Containers and Oxid and even less with nginx.

For this reason, I want to ask for help “hints” or maybe if someone else want to be involve in start one project please let me know.

Hey @leonmex and welcome to the community!

Interestingly, I’ve had this discussion just today with my dear colleague @keywan.ghadami: Actually, we have got ways too many docker containers, all of them aiming different goals like

  • a container for devs using master branch,
  • another one for productive usage (not officially maintained),
  • a docker container for use with CI only, running tests,

other containers from dear friends, mostly for dev purposes:

Additionally, we know that the advantage of docker containers is actually that one could start developing with, and when finished, tar.gz it and put it to staging/live environment at your hosting provider. You won’t do that with your dev environment including tests and/or mailhog, would you :wink:
At the end of the day: the “golden way” is missing. Additionally we run an official oxvm which is a vagrant box.

Not that I would say “NGINX” is none plus ultra as it is faster than anything else <-- this might be not true :wink: However, I find your proposal more than interesting and would like to join your team (although I couldn’t do more than providing some texts etc.)

Hi @marco.steinhaeuser
Is my placer to hear that you’re finding interesting this proposal to try to bring more options of easy setup and improvements in the development.

For sure N or A it will not make much different since php can use fpm but as we know open solutions and bring more open solutions make that the community can bring know-how and make the difference between A and N.

Your know-how in Oxid is more than valuable just one example, today I was taking a look of how to debug the order_list and found this great guide.

Lets to start I will create one small github project and I will share with you,


Nginx is not the fastest :wink: there are more options…

Hello @mws_1941 for sure not but is pretty better in terms of size in each process comparing with apache.
Pleas @marco.steinhaeuser @mws_1941 take a look at the project that starts in github and let’s try to bring something new to the community and not just use A since the alphabet has more options.

hi @leonmex

why didn´t you extend our repo, so everybody can decide between apache and nginx?! now we have two repos with almost the same content.

feel free to marke an pull request :wink:

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Hello tabs,

Thanks for your replay and for mention the idea of extending but from architectural design move php from the app server and change the core app server to nginx is not extend is make a new project.
No you thing?.