Download older versions of oxid esales community edition

Hi together :wink:

For personal development I’m interested in odler version of oxid esales.

Specific I’m interested in followong versions:

  • Community Edition 4.5.0_34568
  • Community Edition 4.4.2_29492
  • Community Edition 4.4.0_28699

Where can I find a download link? :confused:

Thank you for your answer in advance.


give the forum search a chance :wink:

[QUOTE=vanilla thunder;112757]give the forum search a chance ;)[/QUOTE]

Thank you and which forum do you mean :wink: you forgot the web address.

Because in this forum I couldn’t find before I started a new thread.

I searched for:

  • version “4.2”
  • older versions
  • download older version
  • download old versions
  • download versions
  • download 4.2

Here I can only download the newest version:

Please help…

i mean this forum…

what did you foud by searching for “download old versions”?

Hey Vince,

you’ll find older versions for download here:

@vanilla: don’t be too hard. Most of the information provided after this search is German :wink: