eCommerce Camp Jena

E-Commerce Camp Jena is coming up soon:

@realFlowcontrol will hold a session about #graphql with #oxid6, don’t miss it out:


This year I’m only on site on Friday. Will there be a recording or will it be possible to get a summary afterwards?

I doubt to be honest, as this is rather a workshop instead of a talk :wink:

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Hey @indianer3c,

there will be no recording of the workshop. But sometime after the eCommerceCamp there should be a Webinar with me about the same topic (much shorter and not on site, but its something :wink:).

If you have questions, you can look up everything there is up until now at:

The example module and the module skeleton are a bit outdated already, but I am about to give them some love :heart: in preparation of the eCommerceCamp Workshop, so you can expect them to be up to date again in a few days.

Hope I could help