Editor für Longdescription2


i´m wondering if its possible to show a second editor in the backend for the articles longdesription1. I´ve searched the forum and the docu and I couldn`t find anything. Are someone experienced in this topic?


Hi mkay,

I am not pretty sure what you want: A second field for the long description of a product?


Hi Marco,

Here comes the problem:

Some descriptions of our products are very large. Therefore I want to divide them in two parts and show them initial in a hidden div container. After the user clicks the “more details” button I want to show the second part of the product description.

At the database in the table “oxartextends” I found the field “OXLONGDESC_1” and I thougt there should be an easy way to display another editor ( textarea ) in the backend for this field in the database. But as I discribed above, I couldn´t find anything in the documentation or here.

Thx for your help…

Hi mkay,

alright, got it.
oxtitle_1 is actually preserved for the second language in your shop.
So either you resolve it a pure html style and leave your descriptions in just one field or you setup a completely new field. You can use it in the templates this way: [{ $product->oxarticles__oxlongdescext->value }]