"eMail problem in shop!"


I can see there has been already some mention of my subject matter however it is not the same (I don’t it is)

I had this problem fixed by my ISP 2 weeks ago and it has started back up again. The difference being that this time I am getting a Github troubleshooting tip attached to the email. here is the exact reference to Github:


" Error sending eMail(Thank you for registering with the NXXXX Watch Shop) to:
[email protected] (Brenda XX)

Error : SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting"

The troubleshooting Tip is extensive and titled " Troubleshooting PHPMailer Problems". They refer to GoDaddy and speaks of very strict contraints on sending an email. They apparently block selected ports to all servers except thier own.

All this is over my head and I am asking for help. The last Tech request I recieved asks me for script locations so they can test it. By the way my ISP is not GoDaddy but rather HostPapa which is probably the Canadian equivalent to GoDaddy.

–>Can you confirm the location of your script at /home/neigh/public_html so we can test it?

I appreciate your help

If this is about sending mails from OXID, then try to leave the SMTP fields empty. This way, OXID will automatically fall back to using sendmail and that usually works.

Thanks for your suggestion and I did receive such a tip last time I was looking for help but it didn’t work. I get the mail anyway but it also includes mail that was supposed to go to the customers.

Hello @NHWS,

the mail that you are receiving will be sent through the OxidEsales\EshopCommunity\Core\Email::_sendMailErrorMsg which you should be able to find in the file source/Core/Email.php, line 1915. The actual sending of the customer email will be handled in Email.php:424.

I would suggest first talking to HostPapa if you can send your emails from the eShop via SMTP or if you can rely on a local sendmail installation on your server. I would suggest using the later due to better performance, if possible. But it might be, that they do not allow outgoing email via sendmail.
Also keep in mind, that you not only need to blank out the SMTP user and password, but also the server. If the string in SMTP Server somehow looks valid, OXID will use this.

If you need to use SMTP for sending emails, please double check the port and if you have to use TLS or SSL. If so, prefix your smtp server name with the protocol e.g. ssl://mail.myhost.com or tls://mail.myhost.com. If the SMTP server is on a non standard port, you may add that port after the hostname like this: ssl://mail.myhost.com:1234

Hope I could help


Hello @NHWS :slight_smile:

-> Login to https://www.hostpapa.com/dashboard/Login/
-> Go to My cPanel
-> Clicking the Email Accounts button
-> Scroll down to Email Accounts and click Set Up Email Client
-> Make sure that Yes: Use SMTP authentication is checked


Thank you for these views and or suggestions gentlemen. I will discuss same with the HP Techs and see where we go. I suspect that this may be a matter of security and the control of loop holes etc. We shall see. D

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I just want to advise (anyone who may be following this drama) that HostPapa fixed my problem without telling me what was changed, which is unfortunate because they fixed it once before and at the turn of the month things went back to how it was before. I couldn’t any feedback as to what happens or why it happens but I did finally get a note that said they were getting emails going through successfully.

It is rather annoying but I am happy that my email works. The SMTP server is now showing:


Thanks again for your collective help.