English language for products

Hello everyone.

I am having problem in translation of products from German to English.

In products section in backend when I change from German to English, It keeps on showing all the fields in German language. In the db OXTITLE_1 changes to english text. But when it still shows German text both in Backend and Frontend.
I have already tried clearing cache and updated views.
What could be the solution?


open the config.inc.php file, is there something similar to $this->blSkipViewUsage = true;?

Yes there is.

comment this line out and clear tmp

My shop stops working when i comment out this line.

It basically do not get data from database.

ok, then comment it back in and click “update views” in Admin -> Service -> Tools
then uncomment it again,

usually you need this setting only when you have no database views, but shop reliad on those views to get the data in correct language

Yes you are right.
When i comment out this line, shop does not get data from database.
What do you think could be the solution?

you have to generate views and disable this setting afterwards:

Yes I did this. Still shop is not getting data from database. :frowning:

no data at all or no english data?

No data at all.

It is actually not working for English but working for German.
works when lang=0
but does not when lang=1

can you confirm, that english language has id 1 in languages configuration in admin?

I noticed that english columns are not set for shop and this was the issue.
I will copy everything from German columns to English columns for now.
Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: