English Translation

I would like to propose, to avoid in general abbreviations as e.g. the following:

  • don’t => do not
  • can’t => cannot
  • aren’t => are not
  • You’re => You are

thanks in advance,

Hi Norbert,

I am going to (not “I gonna” :D) check that with native English speaking friends of mine. Thanks for the hint. BTW: I found some other lang issues while working with the EN shop. Maybe a good idea to generally re-do this.


[QUOTE=Marco Steinhäuser;9504]I found some other lang issues while working with the EN shop.[/QUOTE]


  • “Continue to Next Step” => “…next…” (several times)
  • what about this “Listmania” stuff?
  • “‘INC_COMPARE_LOCATOR_DISPLAYPOPUP’ =>“Print Preview”,” ???
  • “Block Price” => “Quantity Price”
  • eMail => e-mail (maybe similar to German version, which btw maybe should change form “E-Mail-Adresse” to “E-Mail Adresse”)
  • “What I wanted to say …:” => “Message:”
  • “You can cancel the Newsletter at any time without charge.” => of course, canceling a news letter never should create any fee (German too)

also seems to be, that something is mixed up with 220-222 / 377-380 / 784 / 793-795 / besides the structure of the templates has changed.

[QUOTE=Marco Steinhäuser;9504]Maybe a good idea to generally re-do this.[/QUOTE]

appreciate :cool:


Hi Norbert,
talking to an ecommerce proven Ami-Guy, he says that abb’s are ok this way if it’s not official speak. I learned it the other way round like you might…
Talking about the other stuff, maybe he could help me with that.

Cheers & bye for now