Enterprise Edition 6.2.2 forcibly logs out

Hello everyone,
we have OXID eSHOP Enterprise Edition 6.2.2 installed on two identical CentOS servers with PHP 7.4.

One of the server is stage for testing purposes and another is a production server. They are 100% identical, but the problem is that on the production side when I am surfing through the left menu like after clicking multiple times on the “Administer Products → Products” back and forth the system forcibly logs me out.
I see nothing in the logs, no errors in the PHP logs, so I cannot even track it correctly to identify a problem. And this happens only on the production server, not the stage, despite the fact that they are both identical.

Can you please point me out how to start digging this problem?
Any hints would be apreciated. Or maybe someone already had the same isue before?
Thank you.

is there any way to enable debug logging on the OXID eShop itself?

Use another browser. Maybe is a frameset issue. Unfortunately, the OXID Admin is technically very old.

As an EE user you can contact the official technical OXID support. More infos OXID Forge – The knowledge base of the OXID eShop and Supportanfrage: Unser Service und Support hilf Ihnen weiter • OXID eSales AG

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Unfortunately we are seeing the same behaviour in the other browsers two in Windows oder Linux, Firefox or Chrome. Thank you. We will try to contact support if debugging won’t help us.

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