Error while adding/removing product picture

I am trying to add or remove pictures of the products from my admin backend the picture is getting changed successfully because i am seeing the changes in the shop. But i keep getting this error in my admin backend while doing it.

OxidEsales\EshopCommunity\Core\Exception\StandardException (time: 2019-07-22 07:30:35): [1054]: Unknown column ‘oxshowcustomagreement’ in 'field list’

I have migrated from oxid v4 to oxid v6

Oh okay i figured it out, Since i migrated from oxid v4 to oxid v6 (also did the whole database migration). Because of that migration i lost the the column ‘oxshowcustomagreement’ in my oxarticles table.

I had to manually alter the table and insert that column. :slight_smile: