eShop setup using Kubernetes deployment


I don’t know if anyone could help me here, or if anyone already did the eShop setup using the builds pipeline like / Gitlab -Jenkins / along with Kubernetes deployments before.

I’m trying to deploy the eShop 6 ( ), using the above-mentioned method.

the pipeline builds for all images were fine, Kubernetes configurations were also fine. Phpmy admin and the MySQL database are accessible.

at the first access, I did the setup steps for the first time and everything is done successfully

but after that, the shop opens only in Maintenance mode.

is there any way to disable the maintenance mode? or to debug this issue?

one thing more: is there any documentation related to oxid-Kubernetes deployments you may suggest.


Does your masql user have super privileges for creating views?

@vanilla_thunder, Thanks for your reply, Yes my Mysql user has all privileges. I even tested with the Admin user and the result always are the same.

Did you run the setup process or just filled automatically? This is important as during setup routine, some migrations are done to the database.
You may find an error log for debugging in /source/log/.

@marco.steinhaeuser, thanks for your reply. at the first start, the setup process starts automatically and I did whole 6 steps without any problem. I checked the file after the setup completed and it’s updated with the info which I provided during the setup process.

no logs generated after the setup, the folder is empty.

All the best

… and writable? Strange enough. Can you access the admin? Could you pls check if the DB login credentials you find in can be used for log into the database in terminal?

@marco.steinhaeuser, Yes the folder it’s writable. I could access the DB using the credentials which are in the config file. not able to reach the admin page. the admin user has full writes.

I think something maybe wrong here, when the proudcommerce container is initialised, the setup is normally done automatically (

I missed this point, and it might help. Thanks.